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Latest an article to diabetes and a new treatment it

Definition of diabetes
Diabetes is a common disease in the present
And requires in the first primarily an experienced physician to be familiar with the details of the treatment and the reasons for the emergence of the disease
and possibilities and dimensions of the disease and its complications and its kind

Because the mechanism for the emergence of this disease is not limited to the lack of insulin secretion or deficiencies in the blood excreted by the pancreas only. It may be the cause of this disease several diseases and other symptoms that affect blood sugar.
It has been the development of treatment methods and the diversity of medical tests and diagnostic tests impact in prolonging the lives of diabetics.
Disease of sugar in the past before we discover it treatment incurable patient because it haunted him the rest of his life
The scientist Ibn Sina had his person ten centuries ago, where he was vaporizes diabetes to become sticky liquid or turns to white sugar
reasons for diabetes
What are the symptoms of high sugar in blood ?

1.Feeling tired
2.Frequent urination with thirst
3.not good vision
4.Slow wound healing
5.Muscle cramps
6.Abdominal pain
7.Weight loss
8.Frequent urination
Astounding discovery
Note Buchardt scientist in 1815 that there is a close relationship between diabetes and inefficiency of the pancreas to secrete the hormone insulin.The scientists have made ​​(Minochowski and Joseph von) to confirm this relationship when conducted their experiments on dogs after drugged and eradicate the pancreas. After several hours of making these processes sugar symptoms.
The scientist (Batnj) in 1921 reclaiming insulin from the pancreas of dogs where cut to pieces and mixed with ash and salt water then nominated the mixture.
And taking the solution and injected dogs pancreatic Eradication. He noted that her blood sugar level had not decreased urine becomes sugar Healed wounds and recovered and lived for periods longer than expected.
At the end of this article extend to you sincere thanks and appreciation for your valuable time hoping you more of the great achievements that benefit humanity.
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