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Diabetes in dogs and cats

Diabetes in dogs and cats
Diabetes is a disease that can infect dogs and cats.
What is diabetes?
Is the inability of the pancreas to secrete enough insulin to body ,It prevents the body from Benefit protein and sugar.

What is the reason of diabetic dogs?
 Fat cats and dogs or diagnosed with inflammation of the pancreas are more prone to disease. There are also medications help to the occurrence of disease in the long term the medicines used in lowering the temperature and them Aljlecoqorticad it interferes with insulin.

What is the importance of insulin: -
 Insulin hormone is important to extend the body of energy of protein, fat, and sugar by introducing sugar in cells to supply energy crisis in the metabolism and not to take advantage of them lead to rapid death of the cells.

There are two types of diabetes: -

 1.diabetes With no complications or sugar with ketoacidosis - Dog infected with the disease: This is harmless 2.But if complications get vomiting and weakness.

What are the symptoms of the disease: -
 1. increase sugar in the blood
2.feeling thirsty and drink large amounts of water
3. weight loss.
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